Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Making it simple to launch in the cloud and scale as you grow

Self-Service Management


Group servers into projects to help you stay organised and manage access.

Provision On-Demand

Create and destroy virtual machines on-demand using our self-service control panel and APIs.

Automate Deployment

Deploy Linux and Windows VMs using standard deployment tools such as cloud-init.

Terminal Access

Quick and convenient access to full VNC Terminal control via your web browser.

Power Control

You're in control with power controls, reboots, rebuilds and more.

Deploy Apps

Install software like WordPress, Gitlab, OpenVPN and more in a few simple clicks.

Simple, Token Based Pricing

Pay only for what you use

Starting from $0.047 USD per hour

Management API

A powerful API that allows developers to provision on-demand and integrate with their workflows


Deploy and speed up your projects in a matter of seconds.


Scale your infrastructure with our simple and intuitive API.

Monitor Usage

Track and monitor your spend with detailed usage reports.

Complete Control

A powerful REST based API gives you access to all product functionality.